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About Birdieball

Practice Perfect with BirdieBall


The ultimate golf training aids - Birdieball golf practice balls and putting mats


Having sold over 5million units in the U.S and establishing itself as the choice of golf professionals the award winning BirdieBall is now, for the first time, available here in the UK. 


But what is BirdieBall?

BirdieBall is a limited flight practice golf ball that looks just like a napkin ring. BirdieBall flies, feels, and reacts just like a golf ball, but it only goes about 40 metres, making it the most acurate and rewarding practice ball in golf today.

BirdieBall can be struck straight off the turf or by using the BirdieBall Strike Pad, which gives you more opportunities to practice anywhere, such as on tarmac and concrete, without ruining your clubs.

BirdieBall practice golf balls can be bought singularly or in sets of 3 or12. The Strike pad and other accessories are available too, including foldable targets and a VelocityTee used for practicing with a driver.

BirdieBall has already proven to be a hit with Amercia's top national Golf Magazines, such as Avid Golfer & Golf Week, with all quoting 'Striking a BirdBall feels though you are powering a ProV1 ball but with the advantage of being able to practice literally anywhere'.

BirdieBall is the new professional way to improve your game.




What is BirdieBall?

BirdieBall is a limited flight practice golf ball that looks just like a napkin ring. BirdieBall flies, feels, and reacts just like a golf ball, but it only goes about 40 metres.


What are the benefits of using a BirdieBall?

If you've ever hit another type of practice ball like a perforated plastic ball or a cork or foam ball, you know how unsatisfying it is. They don't feel or fly like real golf balls. BirdieBalls do. In fact, Avid Golfer Magazine Says "you'll swear you're whacking a Pro V-1". This realism means you benefit from accurate feedback on every shot you play with a BirdieBall.


Why use the StrikePad?


The StrikePad allows you to practice anywhere, even off concrete, asphalt, or dirt. You won’t damage your clubs on the ground, and you won’t tear up your lawn with your clubs. Anywhere you have 40 metres you now have your own driving range. The StrikPad only weighs 500 grams so you can take it anywhere. Start improving your game wherever you are.


How does the StrikePad work?

The StrikePad is quite simple. It is a cambered, flexible polymer spring. The BirdieBall practice golf ball is placed toward the front where there is a gap between the pad and the ground. Upon swinging down and through, the pad deflects downward - it simulates taking a divot. One of the important aspects of the golf swing, when hitting with an iron, is the downward motion at impact. When hitting with a fairway wood, place the BirdieBall on the level part of the StrikePad and use a more sweeping motion - avoiding taking a divot. The flex in the StrikePad allows for deflection and rebound at impact. It happens in the blink of an eye.


How far will the BirdieBall fly?

BirdieBalls practice golf balls travel about 40 metres with a 5 iron. Add or take away about 1 or 2 yards per iron. of course, hitting with or against the wind will change these distances. Using driver and the VelocityTee, greater distances can be achieved. Want to go long? How about trying to beat the world record set by ReMax World Long Driving Champion Mike Dobbyns of 71 metres!


How does the BirdieBall work?

The non-dimpled surface combined with the straight sides resist flight. The radius of the leading edge and the aerodynamic hole through the centre encourages flight and lift. The oscillation between the two as the BirdieBall rotates from air brake to airfoil makes the turbine sound. The lifting aspects help it hang in the air; the braking aspects reduce the distance it travels. The combination of the two makes it a short flight, long hang-time device.


Can I hit my driver and fairway woods?

You bet. You have a number of options. With a fairway wood you can simply hit the BirdieBall straight off the grass or StrikePad. To simulate teeing the ball up for a fairway wood, hang the edge of the BirdieBall off the ledge created by the shoulder of the StrikePad and away you go. This system of teeing the ball up on the StrikePad ledge works for drivers as well. Second option is to tee one BirdieBall up on top of another. This is the perfect height for today's oversized drivers. The bottom ball will just roll along the ground. The best option is to make use of the VelocityTee set. The VelocityTee set is designed by BirdieBall Inc specifically for BirdieBall. Each set includes a BirdieBall and two tees - one for oversize drivers, the other for fairway woods.


Can BirdieBalls be hit out of round?

Because BirdieBall practice golf balls have been engineered to bend and not break, they can be hit slightly out of round. However, simply rotate the ball 90 degrees and the BirdieBall is then lined up symmetrically. Even when not perfectly round the BirdieBall performs flawlessly. Remember the BirdieBall rotates around a horizontal axis (just like a golf ball) it does not spin around its circumference.


Do BirdieBalls float?

Yes. Not much lawn in the garden but you've got a pool? Right then, bring on the golf.


Can I have my logo printed on BirdieBalls?

Absolutely. In fact, BirdieBall is one of the hottest promotional products on the market today. The uniqueness and functionality of the BirdieBall makes it the most progressive and memorable promotional product in years. It is memorable, it is functional, it has a huge wow factor, and it invites conversation. Your customers will remember who gave them their first BirdieBall. The BirdieBall will continually promote your brand as it is utilised, passed along, discussed and debated.


How can the BirdieBall and StrikePad improve my game?

Practice makes perfect but if you are practicing with other practice golf balls like perforated plastic balls, light-weight foam balls or cork balls, you can't feel the shot in your hands and see the true ball flight. BirdieBalls are the only practice golf balls that give you both accurate ball flight and true feel. And you don't have to chase them very far so there is more time for practicing.


How does BirdieBall compare to other practice golf balls?

We all know practice makes perfect. But the real question is what makes great practice. Other practice golf balls like perforated balls, light-weight foam balls or cork balls, do not feel like golf balls. To have good practice, you need a ball that feels like a golf ball and Avid Golfer Magazines says the BirdieBall feels like you're hitting a Titleist Pro-V1. Also, to have meaningful practice and to gain feedback from that practice the practice golf ball must fly like a golf ball. The BirdieBall practice golf ball does just that. Because it spins just like a golf ball, it draws and fades just like a golf ball. Again, other practice golf balls don't. Finally, it only goes 40 metres. Some perforated golf balls don't go far enough to tell how you've hit them, while other practice golf balls like foam balls and cork balls go way too far without accurately simulating true flight.


How can I use a BirdieBall for instructional purposes?

BirdieBall’s strength is its instructional application. BirdieBall has a slightly higher centre of gravity than an ordinary golf ball; as a result, it is easier to get airborne. Once airborne the axis tilts like a golf ball right to left, left to right or remains level. No golf nets are required, no golf course is required. Thus golf can be taught or practiced at home or in the local park. With the StrikePad no golf mat or pad is required. StrikePad is a cambered, polymer, spring like pad which allows you to practice anywhere, even on concrete. Because the StrikePad releases as you hit down and through, the student can simulate taking a divot. Artificial surfaces, astro turf and the like do not allow for the proper down and through move.

It is revolutionising practice. Nike Golf Learning Centres, The McGetrick Golf Academy, The American Junior Golf Association, The Professional Golfers Career College, The High School Golf Coaches Association, JuniorPrep., Open Fairways and most importantly the PGA Tour and Masters sponsored First Tee and many, many other teaching academies throughout the USA now utilize the BirdieBall as a key part of their core curriculum.



Do you need the StrikePad?

No. You can hit BirdieBalls right off the grass. However, because the StrikePad prevents lawn damage, you can use it to hit BirdieBalls at the park or on any surface. Best of all the StrikePad allows you to hit golf balls in places that you never would have thought to hit them before. You can hit BirdieBall practice golf balls off your drive way or at the beach. You will be amazed by how the StrikePad allows you to hit down and through…releasing your golf club on impact.


What is the BirdieBall made from?

BirdieBalls are made from a super polymer (and no, it's not PVC). They are highly durable, and virtually unbreakable and guess what? They even float.


Is BirdieBall a legitimate training aid?

BirdieBall was voted Product of The Year in the training aid category at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida and has been featured in well over 50 periodicals. ESPN, The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and all major US networks have shown rave reviews of BirdieBall and BirdieBall is endorsed by many of the Top 100 Golf Instructors in the USA and since becoming available in Australia, a number of local teaching pros now use BirdieBall as part of their golf lessons.


Why use a BirdieBall?

BirdieBall is all about enabling golf to be played in places other than just at the golf course. Now the true feel and flight of a golf ball is captured in a practice golf ball that only travels 40 yards. You can take it to the park, or even use it in your garden. It's great practice as well as fun to simply make up your own course through your local park. Who knows maybe you can invent your own BirdieBall game.




BirdieBall Patent: EU 1494766

Award Winners

"Best New Product" - PGA Merchandise Show

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